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Flash of the Month!

For a flat fee you pick either one large or two small designs off of the current design sheet!  Pre pay and book the appointment all from the comfort of your phone. Size, placement, and color options are negotiable at your appointment.

Less is more.

If you like what you see here ,
then you'll like the tattoo you get from me.

You can find me at

Thunderbird Tattoo

from 12 - 8 appointments preferred
6935 N Fessenden St Portland, OR 97203
tradtional battle royale painting with an eagle, snake, dragon, and skeleton in color
Request an appointment!
professional tattooing since 2007
Fill out the contact form on this page to start the process of getting you tattooed!
Every appointment requires a
$100 non refundable deposit. You pay the deposit when you book through this website. All appointments have a $200 minimum. Thank you.


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