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Hello, and thanks for picking me to do your tattoo!
I know there are a lot of tattooers in town, and if you've seen my work (and you like what you've seen), then you know you are in the right place.

If this is your first time getting tattooed by me (or even at all!) feel free to check out my portfolio or instagram to see if my work is for you.  Tattooing is a HIGHLY personal affair and I want to make sure we are the right fit!

I do not discriminate against my clients or their tattoo ideas and take on all kinds of projects.  Tattooing is for everyone! You should get the tattoo you want in the best way possible, that is my job. I just ask that you keep an open mind to the process and trust in my 16 years of experience. My tattoos are clean, crisp, and bright.  They go on quickly and with minimal discomfort, and last a lifetime!
If you would like to get tattooed in a fun, low-key environment, just fill out the form to the left and we will get this process started!

Every appointment requires a 
$100 non refundable deposit. You pay the deposit when you book through this website. All appointments have a $200 minimum.
I take ca$h or cards in the shop.

Thank you.

tradtional battle royale painting with an eagle, snake, dragon, and skeleton in color

You can find me at

Thunderbird Tattoo

monday (10-5) wednesday (10-5)
friday (12-7) saturday (12-7)
Drop by and say hi!
6935 N Fessenden St Portland, OR 97203
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