due to the covid-19 shutdown all deposits are %20 off! 


You can send me a deposit through VENMO or PAYPAL (friends/family ONLY!)

Scan the QR code or click on it to take you to my payment page


- There is a $100 minimum for deposits.

- Take the total $ amount you wish to spend and subtract %20, that is your payment

- Please include "TATTOO DEPOSIT" and your email in the notes of your payment

- I will contact you in the order I received your deposit as soon as there is a solid     date that I will be tattooing again. 


$100 tattoo = $80   deposit
$200 tattoo = $160 deposit
$300 tattoo = $240 deposit
$400 tattoo = $320 deposit
$500 tattoo = $400 deposit

**Tatt Ca$h is only redeemable for tattooing services performed by Sean Lanusse. Deposits made during the Corona Virus shutdown will not expire. No refunds or exchanges. Partially used gift amounts will roll over into your next tattoo appointment or can be used as a tip. Any charges associated with using PAYPAL not as friends/family will be taken off of your balance or can be repaid by bringing a tall can to your appointment. Thank you all for your love and support during this insane time.

sean lanusse @ blacklist tattoo

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